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SLEUTH urban growth model

cutting-edge research regarding urban dynamics through environmental simulation modeling of urban growth SLEUTH urban growth model that complement population-driven models but focus on spatial pattern and extent. to assess historical and predict future land use change in the study region.

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LUX at Central Park Student Apartments Won’t Be Ready In Time

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The East West Divide


How North Carolina Was Settled And Why It Matters The earliest migrations were mostly English from the Tidewater area of southeastern Virginia and spread past the Great Dismal Swamp into the northeastern part of North Carolina. South Carolinians moved north … Continue reading

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Triangle Quarterly Trend Report

How are things in the Triangle? I get asked this a lot from locals and out of town folks. It’s a general question that necessitates a quick and easy to understand response. This is our most basic signature report, with … Continue reading

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Big-Data Tools Keep Coming At Us

Graphics, charts, rankings and presentations abound, but how does that help you specifically? In the past two weeks, I have found several new websites that provide the next generation of useful resources for databases. I believe that a lot of … Continue reading

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