Big Woods Remodeling Websites For Builders


For someone who has worked in the residential construction business their entire life, setting out on their own path is always in the back of their mind. The desire to make improvements to our built environments can lead us down many paths—building a website doesn’t need to be one of them. My long-time friend, Kevin, and I did some new home construction work together, many years ago. We also share a common passion for architecture, but differ in our pursuit of involvement in that field.

Kevin easily recognized my emerging expertise in marketing and branding strategy. He entrusted me with the task of coming up with a name for his new company. After careful research and years of getting to know him personally, I was able to identify the core services and signature style that he had spent so many years in crafting. Passionate about the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style of residential architecture, he designed and built a magnificent home for his lovely family on Big Woods road in Chapel Hill, NC.

Combining the common business descriptions with the true personality of the owner is the most effective method of creating a lasting brand image for a company. Only after the research is done will you be able to create the business name and graphic logo design that becomes easily recognizable to the consumer, whom may need to see it several times before buying. It has been over a year since we helped Kevin set up the Big Woods Remodeling website and we are very excited every time he writes an article about his latest project. Contact us today if we can help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey too.

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