Big-Data Tools Keep Coming At Us

dependency ratioGraphics, charts, rankings and presentations abound, but how does that help you specifically? In the past two weeks, I have found several new websites that provide the next generation of useful resources for databases. I believe that a lot of small company sites, such as Realtors, will be made less relevant with such modern tools becoming available from more advanced sources.

Take for example Dashboard 2030 by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, that focuses on four measures of economic growth.

  • education and talent supply
  • competitive business climate
  • entrepreneurship and innovation
  • infrastructure and growth leadership

Lets take a closer look at the image above. At first glance the dependency ratio map would seem to indicate that Great Plains states are supporting the rest of us. How many people will actually look at this closer and ask the important questions?

  • What is currently going on in the Midwest?
  • What is wrong with the Deep South?
  • Did you notice the graph at the bottom?
  • Is the statistical methodology influencing the story?

They have an excellent story to tell, but it is targeted to a specific audience. You love the data and discovered something that you didn’t know before. If your lucky you will also realize that big-data is cool and CAN benefit you in your business. The need still exists, however, for someone who can find the RELEVANT information QUICKLY and in a USEABLE format – That’s What We Do!

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