Triangle Quarterly Trend Report

How are things in the Triangle? I get asked this a lot from locals and out of town folks. It’s a general question that necessitates a quick and easy to understand response. This is our most basic signature report, with a normal language format that’s not too heavy on statistics. In the early stages of your investment strategy you need to get a general feeling for what’s going on. If you only invest in one type of property its vitally important to understand that each of the following land uses can affect the others. We cull all of the data and pull out only the biggest trends that shape growth & development in your market.

Workplace Trends

Business Parks, Office Space, Data Centers, Laboratory, Industrial

Living Trends

Single-family, Townhouses, Condos, Apartments, Senior, Student

Places To Play

Mixed-Use, Hotels, Retail, Restaurants, Entertainment

Societal Places

Education, Healthcare, Cultural, Parks-Rec, Government

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