NC’s Share of High Speed Rail

From the $8 billion of stimulus funds dedicated to high speed rail, the White House has announced funding for 13 new, large-scale high speed rail corridors to help transform America’s transportation system. In our area the investments are summarized as the
Charlotte – Raleigh Corridor:
Nearly 30 inter-related projects will be undertaken in order to increase top train speeds to 90 mph and double the number of round trips between the two largest cities in North Carolina, serving 3 million people. Work includes the purchase and rehabilitation of locomotives and cars, track upgrades, and station security improvements.
Raleigh – Richmond:
Important congestion mitigation will involve construction of four new crossovers, which will reduce trip times. This will also aid the future development of high-speed rail lines between North Carolina and Virginia.
Organized into Tracks based on the types of projects to be submitted:
o Track 1 includes “ready to go” projects
o Track 2 includes corridor development programs
o Track 3 includes planning initiatives
o Track 4 includes “ready to go” projects for which applicants offer at least 50 percent non-federal funding.

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