Tiny Town Looks At Large Development

The density design of this project reaffirms the need for mass transit planning in the highway 55 corridor.  The very route where a rail right of way was abandoned years ago.  This has been the fastest growing regional corridor in the past 10 years, and the least recognized.  Extending out from the Research Triangle Park in a southward direction, going as far as Clayton and Benson. 

So the big impact will be felt on the town of Apex proper and its lack of internal through traffic capacity.  The I-540 turnpike will need to start construction to support this kind of density.  A majority of the Triangle’s growth is going to occur in this area as a result of the new regional sewer plant yet to be built next door in New Hill.

It is this <strong>”RIDGELINE”</strong> between the Neuse and Cape Fear watersheds that should be driving even more thoughtful development policies.

Focusing the burdens of density on older established communities is destined for failure.  We need to recognize these large available tracts of land for our mass transit planning priorities.

Zebulon developer Tom Hendrickson
up to 10 million square feet of offices,
3.5 million square feet of shops,
2 million square feet of manufacturing space and
8,000 homes
1,015-acre project
could add 20,000 residents and create more than 30,000 jobs

Land Use:
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