Kenan Stadium Expansion Begins

KenanExpansionWrecking crews began taking down the Spanish colonial Kenan Field House on Thursday for New construction of approximately 200,000 sqft involving a five-story structure. The new support center for athletes will add 2,980 seats to the stadium’s current 60,000-seat capacity, $70 million privately funded project that will close in the east end of Kenan Stadium providing the missing connectivity link.

The ground floor will contain a weight room , lacrosse locker room, visitors’ locker room, mechanical and storage areas. The second floor will accommodate the new Carolina Student Athlete Center for Excellence and the athletic business office. The third level, which is the main concourse level, will connect the north and south sides of the stadium and provide improved pedestrian circulation around the stadium. This level will include a lower club area and 2,400 outdoor spectator seats. This level will contain a kitchen to serve levels 3, 4 and 5. The fourth level will consist of the upper club area with 900 outdoor spectator seats. The fifth level will offer twenty individual suites that can accommodate sixteen seats in each suite.

The new five-story structure will include a Center of Excellence for athletes, the athletics department’s Carolina Leadership Academy, an Olympic sports strength and conditioning center, visiting football locker room, club seats and individual suites. The academic center will be a 30,000 sqft facility and will include classrooms, computer labs, a writing center, auditorium, individual and group tutorial/conference rooms, and offices for the academic support staff, career services, community outreach, life skills and the Carolina Leadership Academy. The strength and conditioning center will be housed at field level and will include 13,600 sqft of cardio and strength training equipment and a 40-yard track.

Sales of club seats and individual suites began in October. Those sales will provide about half of the funding. Private donations will fund the rest of the project. Read More At: UNC Alumni
or check out the progress webcam

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