Research Triangle Park Looks to the Future

Tobacco RoadRecognizing that the old suburban park model will become a disadvantage in the future, because the trends in development necessitate mixed-use density to utilize more efficiencies with a multi-modal transportation system. The non profit organization that controls the development of North Carolina’s greatest asset is launching a study of its future.

Current Stats

  • 7,000 acre research park
  • 170+ world-class firms employ
  • 42,000 full-time workers
  • 22.5 million sqft of developed space

Identify Opportunities within the existing park

  • 530 Acres Remaining for Sale
  • Redevelopment of older Sites
  • Increased Intensity on Existing Sites
  • Mixed Use Development

The Filling-in of the Core within a 4-mile radius creates THE POTENTIAL for an additional:

  • 70,000 acres of Induced Development Potential
  • 15,000 acres for office, commercial and industrial use
  • 13Million sqft commercial space
  • 15,000 acres for residential development
  • 120,000 housing units

The completion of THIS CORE PLAN will take many decades but should be the encouraged approach to growth. After which time a resumption of the sprawl approach throughout the rest of the state could resume.

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