North Carolina’s Population Rises 18.5%

The 2010 Official Population Count, that occurs once every decade, was released by the US Census Bureau today. For the purpose of a representative democratic system, Congress will reapportion the House of Representatives, giving North Carolina NO new seats.
1,486,170 = 5th highest number of new residents

Statistics are funny, and can be manipulated by the media. For example the press release made no mention of NC until after an hour, revealing that NC missed the additional House seat by 15,700. In addition, because we were ranked 6th in percentage growth, our #5 ranking in numeric growth was downplayed. New Jersey slid two positions to 11th, to make room for Georgia to move up one to 9th, and we moved up one to 10th largest overall.

We will continue to bring you interesting population and demographic statistics throughout the year, as additional data is released and analyzed. Be sure to Bookmark Our Site to keep a constant watch on growth & development in North Carolina. To apply this kind of knowledge to improving your business success Request A Custom Tailored Report Today.

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