Museum Recognition Brings Much More

museum-1The North Carolina Museum of Art’s new west building is a 2011 Recipient of the American Institute of Architects annual Honor Awards for Architecture. While the exterior captures surrounding colors with the building’s skin, the coffered vaults of the ceiling bathe the interior with a filtered spectrum of natural daylight.

Located in west Raleigh, near the state fairgrounds, the technique of blending with your surroundings may have led to a normal looking industrial building theme. What this award recognizes is that a community can design a cohesiveness into its individual projects and still accomplish its overall master plan for the city. Does the Triangle have a conscious architectural objective? Or are many separate endeavors resulting in a community with its own unique Terroir? Lets ask the Urbanophile, Aaron M. Renn.

The Research Triangle Park region is well known for research and generates many patents such as the light emitting diode (LED). Recently completed projects include the City Plaza Light Towers, the Convention Center Shimmer Wall, Durham’s Performing Arts Center, and now the museum. When the seemingly odd arts sculpture “Light+Time Tower” was installed in 1991, many people debated why. Now it seems that an “ordinary place on an everyday street” may just become the catalyst to a much bigger civic identity.

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