A Whole New RTP In Pittsboro

I discovered my own desire for Chatham County back in 1991. First I built a covered bridge, then I built my dream home, served on the Appearance Commission, etc. I knew then that this special area to the west had a lot of potential. There are a lot of ingredients necessary for growth and development to take place. To reap the rewards of an investment in real estate, please take a look at what I consider to be the 3rd key: Timing.

CHATHAM PARK from Preston Dev on Vimeo.

When Chatham Park gets its first corporate campus announcement it will be like RTP back in the 1950′s when IBM made theirs. Its been 60 years ago and “The Park” is still building. In fact, see my previous post, they have a whole new plan to start rebuilding it at even greater density. I hope my future generations will tell me what my beloved Chatham ends up looking like.

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