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Chris-2006-256My name is Chris Ketchel and I’m located in the great state of North Carolina. I moved here right out of college in 1985, with a focus on Urban Studies and Real Estate. In my early days I was a big participant in the frenzied new home construction industry, working for several of the national home builders. In 2000 I obtained my real estate agent’s license and the next year became a broker-in-charge. My specialty in Chatham County market research quickly emerged in the fast paced development planning market. In 2007, however, I began seeing the writing on the wall:

“The Market Became Vastly Over Supplied”

I quickly shifted gears by moving to Downtown Durham, NC just as the (now hugely successful) American Tobacco project was coming on-line. Prime Location has always been the major tenet of the real estate industry, thus I set out at the beginning of my career to understand it fully. It’s also necessary to know your market when starting a business. If you want to learn a little more about “that property” or how to best promote a product or service, please anytime.

“I love To Talk About Growth & Development Trends”

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(919) 533-9535
710 Market St. #18 Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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